Our Process

We do this by… 


          The Gospel -
                 The good news of Jesus Christ and what he did for you.

          Our lives -

                  We are on this journey together, following Christ and         
you to come along.

          The Truth -

                  The Bible shows us biblical truths that we try to put to
in our lives.

          New habits -

                  Spiritual disciplines need to become habits in our lives to
                 help us
to grow.


          With God -
                   Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, mind and
(Matthew 22:37)

          With Others Life Groups) - 
                   We do life together, applying God’s word to our lives.  
                 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  
(Matthew 22:39)

          With Gods Purpose - 
                   God has a purpose for your life, we want to help you find
                  that purpose and equip you to serve God faithfully.                               
(Ephesians 2:10)


          Equip For Ministry- 
                  How can you serve God and your community.

          Providing Ministry Opportunities - 
                   Give you a chance to use your gifts, to stretch your legs
                   and grow in Christ.

          Released To Do Ministry -
                    Allow you to actually serve.

          Discipling process -
                    You need to be in a discipling relationship either:

                           - being discipled (someone guides and encourages you in your spiritual walk).

                           - discipling others (After you have been discipled, we encourage you to find someone who you can help on this journey).