Security Team

Our "Security" team is there to protect our pastor, families and children as we attend worship or any church related events.

We also have several security cameras and alarms placed around and throughout our church buildings, for security during the off hours.

Our children's area is in our youth building, next door, and is locked down at the beginning of the worship, to ensure protection for our little ones. Parents may contact a security person, if they need to get to their children.

Our baby and toddler nurseries are also locked down, during the worship service and are located in the church building. Parents are given a monitor so they can be contacted, if there is a need. There is also a large two-way window, where parents can take a peak at their toddlers, if they just want to see how they are doing.  No one can check out their baby or toddler without a monitor.

**All of our teachers and volunteers that work with our Youth and Children's department or take care of our Toddler and Infant nurseries are required to go through a local and national registry background check.