About Us

GrandView Christian Church  finds its roots in the New Testament. We are a part of a movement from early 1800's which desired to get back to the New Testament church. It is called the Restoration Movement. This church has many different backgrounds, but we are a team. We seek to answer an important question. "How can we apply the truth of scripture in a way that shows love for our Father and love for one another so that Jesus is glorified in all we do?"

Our purpose is to be a church where real life change happens. We do not believe that it is enough to simply say a prayer, attend church for your weekly fill up and then go on living "your" life. In order for real-life change to happen, we believe that every Christ-follower and member of GVCC should be a disciple. We use Matthew 4:19 where Jesus calls his first disciples as a basis for this mission. Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men". At GVCC we are following Jesus, being changed by Christ, and joining Him on His mission.