What To Expect

Getting connected is vitally important in our pursuit to know God, glorify Him, and grow to full devotion.  Coming to faith is not the finish line, but rather the starting point on our journey of pursuing God for the rest of our lives.  We take this journey in community with others and pursue together in various relational environments in the church.  Relational Environments enable people to help one another to grow in their knowledge of God and connect to God’s purposes for their life, and engage in authentic living.


The goal of GrandView Christian Church is to develop a growing number of people who love God, love others and make disciple-making disciples in the context of biblical relational environments. You will experience several types of Biblical relational environments in our church, including the following:


        •       Medium-Sized Groups (20-100) in our ministry outreaches, Discovery
                  classes and retreat activities.

        •       Life Groups (6-15) in our growth groups, ministry groups, men's and
                  women's groups, and recovery groups.

        •       Accountability & Mentor Groups (2-5 people) meeting in a variety of
                  places for growth and accountability (Triads).

While all of these relational environments are important and even vital for the Christian life, we believe that the best context for biblical discipleship happens in Life groups of 6-15.  It is here that we can be most effective in learning to live out the power of God's love in the context of deep and meaningful relationships.  Relational environments designed for discipleship, not only promote the growth of those in the groups, it also provides a powerful testimony of God's love to the unchurched world.  This is why much of our equipping and training for discipleship happens in the context of Life groups.  We will utilize a number of different types of Life groups as we become disciple-making disciples.